Under Influence World Records Cover Copy
release date:

August 17, 2007


World Records UPC 8 80547 37771 7

Under The Influence of Outlaws & Mama

  • Crossin' Dixie
  • That's What Dancers Do
  • Alabama Blues
  • Blame It On The Roses
  • Wildest Branch
  • Super Friend
  • Heart of Dixie
  • Box
  • Bad Side of Me
  • My Baby Loves Me When I'm Stoned

1. Crossin' Dixie (Jarrod Barrier/ASCAP) 4:34
2. That's What Dancers Do (Jill Kinsey & Keaton Allen/JKA Publishing-BMI, John Phillips/MuzikMafia-ASCAP) 2:46
3. Alabama Blues (Jarrod Barrier/ASCAP) 3:02
4. Blame It On The Roses (John Phillips/MusicMafia-ASCAP, Roger Allen Wade/Chamdessica Music-BMI) 3:33
5. Wildest Branch (John Phillips/MusicMafia-ASCAP, Aaron Boswell/Paramount Publishing-BMI, Wayne Mills/Nashville Title Wave Music-BMI) 2:49
6. Super Friend (Wayne Mills/Nashville Title Wave Music-BMI, Hal Bruni/Dasahit Publishing-BMI, Morris Thurman Jr./Nashville Title Wave Music-BMI) 2:56
7. Heart of Dixie (Tony Brooks/Crenshaw County Publishing-SESAC) 3:34
8. Box (Wayne Mills/Nashville Title Wave Music-BMI) 4:14
9. Bad Side of Me (Wayne Mills/Nashville Title Wave Music-BMI) 4:47
10. My Baby Loves Me When I'm Stoned (Jason Boland) 2:36

This release had My Baby Loves Me When I'm Stoned as track #10
--This album is no longer in print.--