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Wayne Mills Guitar Picks – 2 for $.75 (see shipping note in description)


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Product Description

These guitar picks are Dunlop Tortex picks custom printed with Wayne’s logo and name.  Black Memorial picks that contained his name with dates and initials and logo were distributed at the memorial service never to be printed again.  We are offering Black or White with a simpler design.  For you true pickers, the gauge on these picks is (.73mm).  They are all double sided.  One side has the WM Logo, the other side has Wayne Mills.


We apologize, but currently our software is not allowing us to charge for the picks and add appropriate shipping cost for such a small item so we are offering 2 picks for seventy-five cents.  Shipping charges work as follows: The first item into the shopping cart is $3.00 and each item added to the cart adds $1.00 to the shipping.  Example: add a t-shirt and a charge of $3.00 is added for shipping, add a second t-shirt and an additional $1.00 is added, add an order of picks and another $1.00 is added for a total of $5.00 in shipping costs, hence the picks cost to you is $1.75 (for 2).